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Finding the good in every goodbye.

"We are here because we take care of people that other people love." - Jon Woyasz

"Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation." - Khalil Gibran

"With every hug I felt as though a little bit of my pain was taken away." - a loved one


Historical picture of Woyasz

Woyasz & Son is a family run business that started over 50 years ago when Peter Woyasz opened a funeral home on Central Avenue in Norwich.

The family tradition of providing quality service continued when Peter's son, Jonathan, joined the business around 1990 after graduating with a degree in Mortuary Science from the New England Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences in Boston.

Jonathan says he learned to appreciate the role of funeral directors after his mother passed away from cancer when he was a teenager. Experiencing his mother's memorial service provided a great comfort and led Jonathan to understand the grieving process.

Today, as co-owners, Jon and Elsa take great pride in assisting grieving families with planning a service that will honor their loved one with dignity and respect. Elsa joined the company 12 years ago to assist with managing the funeral home.

The family-run business has evolved into one of the most trusted names for funeral services in New London County.

The Woyasz family have recently expanded their business and opened a second funeral home in Montville.